New items

A few days ago I uploaded three of my new items, representing one of the two ways I’m going to be selling my reptile clay fake gauges. Im very happy with how they turned out and I’m excited to soon be adding my other form soon also. Im working on a lot at the time so most items will be added all at the same time. It also doesn’t help when one of your lizards keep trying to steal your paintbrush or whatever you happen to be using.
On other news I just bought a 18x18x24 zoo med terrarium which will be the future home of a crested gecko. Theres a small reptile expo in Buffalo that I will be attending in two days and plan on picking one up there. Maybe another leopard gecko, we will see, depends on what there is there that day.



New line of items

Ive been working on this idea for a little while and have now three species completed that just need to be painted. Polymer clay has always been fun the make things of, so why not use it to make some super special earrings with? Thats what I am doing, creating a new line of items made from clay or as many species of reptiles and amphibians (in many different color morphs) as I can. So far the species include the plumed basilisk, veiled chameleon and the axolotl. I am supper excited with these new set of items and plan to have two more species added and then launching them all up for sale sometime friday or saturday.