New snake necklaces

I have added another new design to my site. Snake necklaces, they are made from polymer clay and hand painted then sealed. So far I have a red-tailed boa, corn snake, green tree boa, california kingsnake, and a western hognose snake. There will be many more species to come and I also plan on making lozard necklaces soon. Both will be curled into a spiral and are on soft suede lace for the necklace part.
Also today I recieved my earring posts and backings in the mail so I can now get to making more clay earrings. So look forward to a variety of different snake and lizard species being availible soon.





New items

A few days ago I uploaded three of my new items, representing one of the two ways I’m going to be selling my reptile clay fake gauges. Im very happy with how they turned out and I’m excited to soon be adding my other form soon also. Im working on a lot at the time so most items will be added all at the same time. It also doesn’t help when one of your lizards keep trying to steal your paintbrush or whatever you happen to be using.
On other news I just bought a 18x18x24 zoo med terrarium which will be the future home of a crested gecko. Theres a small reptile expo in Buffalo that I will be attending in two days and plan on picking one up there. Maybe another leopard gecko, we will see, depends on what there is there that day.


Happy World Turtle Day!

I just became aware that today is world turtle day. I also realized I really have yet to make any turtle jewelry besides my sea turtle earrings. How horrible of me! So tonight when I get home from work thats what I will be working on. Most likely the species I will work on are snapping turtle, red eared slider and/or box turtle. Maybe make on in the clay fake gauge series too.
Also on other news, I have finally gotten my webpage made and published. It can be viewed at . It is still a work in progress but I am happy with it so far and will continue adding to it. Currently the shop section just links to my etsy site but eventually it will become its own shop where you can buy right from my site.

New line of items

Ive been working on this idea for a little while and have now three species completed that just need to be painted. Polymer clay has always been fun the make things of, so why not use it to make some super special earrings with? Thats what I am doing, creating a new line of items made from clay or as many species of reptiles and amphibians (in many different color morphs) as I can. So far the species include the plumed basilisk, veiled chameleon and the axolotl. I am supper excited with these new set of items and plan to have two more species added and then launching them all up for sale sometime friday or saturday.




New blog

Hello and welcome to the blog of Reptile Heart. Hopefully if your reading means that you too love reptiles and amphibians and are curious on projects I am working on and about the reptiles that inspired me to start this shop. Also, incase you were here wondering what reptile heart is about , it is a shop containing handmade jewelry and art made by me specializing in reptiles, amphibians and some insects and fish to go along with them.
Throughout this blog I will be posting work in progress’, new items, shop news, random reptile posts, news and updates on my own lizards. The current residents are Naga the iguana, Loki the bearded dragon, Medusa the ball python, Ed the leopard gecko and one baby leopard gecko that hasn’t been names yet. There will be many post related to them and the trouble they get into.